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Gosport - The War Years

2005  Alverstoke  St Mary's Church  Wedding of Naval Surgeon   1stWW

1003  HMS Dolphin  Fort Blockhouse  Submarines After WW1   1920

2011    French Franc Token

2054  Rowner  Grange Airfield  German Aerial Photo   c1939  IWM

4060  Gosport Privett  Privett Road  A.R.P. Messenger Boys   1939

4120  Gosport Stokes Bay  Gosport Town Station  HMS St. Vincent Boy Cadets leaving for Isle of Man   1939

4023  Gosport Elson  Elson Elson Junior School. Church School for not evacuate     1939

4117  Hambledon   Evacuees from Newtown Junior Boys School   1939

4118  Portsmouth   Children being evacuated - Corraled at station   1939

4119    Children being evacuated - waving goodbye   1939

4106  Gosport  Stone Lane First Aid Workers practice at Stone Lane First Aid Post     1939

4107  Gosport Town Centre  Cockle Pond  A F S training   1939

4103  Gosport Town Centre  Beach Street  Rescue workers in a practice at Beach Street   1939

3055    Food ration book   1940s

4101    Ration Book for sweets   1940s

3032    NAAFI advert   1940s

4066  Gosport Town Centre   W V S mobile Incident Enquiry Point   1940

2032  Portsmouth Harbour  Aerial view  German photo indicating Royal Clarence Yard   WW2  IWM

4061  Gosport Stokes Bay  Browndown  A A gun Battery 3.7inch   1940

3063    Submarine, HMS Sea Lion   1940

4027  Gosport Privett  Privett Road  LDV inspection in Privett Park   1940  

4021  Gosport Privett  Privett Road  L D V parade in Privett Park   1940

4007  Gosport Hardway  Anthony Grove Anderson shelter after daylight raid. 7 occupants su     1940

4008    Letter from French Liaiaon Officer after D day   1940

4091  Gosport  Peel Road ?  Distributing Anderson shelters by dray   1940  

4054  Gosport Forton  Zetland Road  Whitworth Arms. Bomb damage   19413030  Alverstoke,  74 The Avenue  Bomb damaged house   1941

4009  Gosport Town Centre  High Street  Burnt out shell of Thorngate Memorial Hall   1941

4011  Gosport Leesland  Leesland Road  Bomb damage. Leesland Road   1941

4014  Gosport Town Centre  South Street  Trinity Church Boys School - bomb damaged   1941

4065  Gosport Town Centre  High Street  Mayor & Service Chiefs during War Weapons Week   1941

4078  Alverstoke  Bury Hall Lane  Home Guard despatch rider at Bury Hall   1941  

4082    Gosport's Spitfire Gift Award   1941

4114  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Pontoon Duke of Kent being greeted by Mayor at ferry ponto     1941

4095  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Gardens  Red Alert Signal being hoisted at Ferry Gardens   1941  

4096  Gosport Forton  Crossways Hall  Concert advert   1941

4093  Alverstoke  Bury Hall Lane  Home Guard grenade practice at Bury Hall   1941

4070  Gosport Cold Harbour  Clarence Road  HMS Truant adoption lunch at Masonic Hall     1942  The News

4067  Gosport   School girls helping to load waste paper   1942

4068  Alverstoke  The Avenue  Staff of the Report Centre   1942

4058  Gosport Privett  Privett Road  Annual General Inspection at Privett Park   1942  

7061  Gosport Royal Clarence Yard  Weevil Lane  Offices of the Victualling Store Department destroyed in WW2

2052  Unknown   Captured Russian Gun   WW2

2051  Swathling  School of Navigation  Bayonet Drill by Polish sailors   1942/3

2020  Unknown   Bomb damage   WW2  

2085  Southampton  Civic Centre  Officers of Allied Nations Taking Salute   1943

2034    YMCA tea van  Vera Lynn  WW2  

2064  Hampshire  Invasion assembly camp  Soldiers cleaning food containers   1944

2041    RAPC issuing French Francs to invasion troops   1944 IWM

2082    Air Raid Warden shielding child

2070    Troops at the dhobi   1944

2045    Troops with dog   1944

2090  Portchester   Tanks travelling down road   1944  

2091   In the Solent  LST with barrage ballon escort (reversed picture)   1944  The News

2092    Field Marshall Montgomery addressing troops   1944

2093  Paulsgrove   DUKWS and tanks in road   1944

3031    Parked tanks   1944

2040  France  Courseulles-Sur-Mer  General de Gaul & crew of FFS.La Combattante   1944

3060   Map  Pre D Day bases in The Solent area   1944

4085  Gosport Forton  Forum Cinema  Celia Johnson receiving cheques for charity   1944

4097  Gosport Town Centre  Beach Street  Loading L C T at Beach Street   1944  

4098  Gosport Hardway  Priddys Hard ? Women handling shells.     1944

4108  Gosport Haslar  HMS Dolphin Minature Sub.X23 returns after pointing the way for     1944

4102  Southwick  Southwick House ?  Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsey, killed in aircrash Jan.19  U  1944

4104  Gosport Stokes Bay  Beach Unloading aircraft parts,Stokes Bay,opposite Stanley Park     1944

3061    group of ladies

3045  Tangmere Air Station   King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with RAF   1944  MAM

3036   Hardway or Stokes Bay?  Loading tanks   1944

4072  Gosport Beach Street  Beach Street  Loading L C T s   1944

4069  Stokes Bay  Beach  Constructon of piers for Mulberry Harbours   1944

4063  Normandy Arromanche   Landing Craft on beach   1944

4059  Gosport Town Centre  Beach Street  L C T loading at Beach Street   1944

4053  Gosport Stokes Bay  Beach  Damaged caisson for Mulberry Harbours   1944

4046  Gosport Newtown  Stoke Road  Final Parade 29th (Gosport)Hants Home Guard   1944

4112  Gosport Stokes Bay  Beach  L C T loading at Stokes Bay   1944  

4113  Isle of Wight  Sandown Drum for P L U T O     19443037    29th Cadet Battalion,Hants Regiment, inspection     

3039  Between Petworth & Gosport   Tank crews 13th/18th Hussars resting on roadside   1944  

3040   Troops embarking from pier   1944

3071 Portsmouth South Parade Pier Troops emparking from pier Jun  1944      Ports News

4003  Gosport Hardway  Grove Road  German POW marching from Hardway to Station   1944  J Lawrence

4006  Gosport Town Centre  Beach Street  L C T loading at Beach Street   1944

4020  Stokes Bay Beach  Beach  Construction of caissons for Mulberry Harbours   1944

3058  Leaving Map Lorry   King George VI and Field Marshall Montgomery   1944

3048    Herbert Morrison Reviewing parade of vehicles   1944

2043  Lee-on-the-Solent  HMS Daedalus  Wren signalling

2088  Gosport Town Centre  Beach Street  Loading LCT at Beach street   1944  The News2013  Warsash   Commandos embarking with cycles   1944  IMW

2072  Alverstoke  Stokes Bay  Construction of Phoenix caissons for Mulberry Harbour   1944  

2053  Arromanche  Mulberry Harbour  Floating roadway & SLUGS for linking & mooring   1944

2009  Hardway  Slipway Priory Road  Lorries on LCT at Hardway   1944

3009  Gosport Rowner  Beach Street Damaged Horsa glider being unloaded at Beach Street   1944  The News

3010    Join the Wrens WWII    

3011    Map of Naval bases in Solent region   1944

3012  American Army vehicles embarking for D day   1944

3005  Normandy  Arromanche  First Wrens to land at Mulberry Harbour   1944

1100  Gosport Town Centre  Street Party  Celebrating peace after the second world war   1945  

2033  Alverstoke  St Mary's Church ?  VE Childrens Party   1945  

3008  Gosport ferry   Elson Wardens   1945

4038  Gosport Bridgemary  Bridgemary German prisoners of war at work on Bridgemary Estate     1945

4042  Gosport Forton  Forton Road  V E Party on St.Vincent Playing Fields   1945

4109  Gosport Rowner  Grange Airfield  Fleetlands repair staff at Grange Airfield with Firefly   1945  

4002  Gosport Town Centre   W V S Centre Staff     1945

4015  Gosport Forton  Forton Road Victory celebration ceremony at St.Vincent Barracks     1945

4026  Gosport Privett   VE Street Party. Charlesbury Avenue & Oval Garden     1945

4004  Gosport Elson   Ceremony handing over first prefab  J.Lawrence  1945

3069  Cosham? Fareham?     D Day vehicles waiting for embarkation

2063    US Field Bakery Ovens   2ndWW The News

3023  Lee-on-the-Solent  HMS Daedalus  WAAF's repaing parachute.   WW2

2083    P.O cook feeding pet rabbits on board an LST   WW2

3024  Portsmouth harbour   Naval ships including gunboat as in 3051

3051    Gun Boat flying Royal Ensign    

3025    Land Army girl     

3026    Dakota on airfield4013  Gosport Town Centre  Holly Street  Bomb damage Holly Street.     WW2  Reversed

4016  Gosport Town Centre  High Street  Bomb damage. Hampshire Electricity Co.     WW2  reversed

4017    Bomb damage Position unknown    

4018  Gosport Bury Cross  Bury Hall Lane  Bomb damage Bury Hall Lane   WW2  

4019    Land Army poster   WW2  

4022  Gosport Privett  Hamble Road  Bomb damage at Hamble Road   WW2

4024  Gosport Town Centre  Church Path  Bomb damage at Church Path   WW2  

4025  Gosport Forton  LaviniaRoad  Bomb damage at Lavinia Road   WW2  

4028  Gosport   Bomb damage Position unknown   WW2  

4029  Gosport   First Aid trailer   WW2  

4030  Gosport Town Centre  Beach Street  Bomb damage & grounded barrage balloon   WW2

4031  Gosport  North Close ?  Bomb damage   WW2  

4032  Lee-on-the-Solent  HMS Daedalus  W.A.A.F.s packing a parachute   WW2

4033  Gosport Forton  Forton Road  Bomb damage at Forton Road     WW2  Reversed

4005  Gosport Elson  Elson  Bomb crater Dunkeld Road     WW2  Reversed

4035    W.A.A.F.s lowering a barrage balloon   WW2

4037  Lee-on-the-Solent  Marine Parade area  Bomb damage   WW2

4039  Gosport   Bomb damage place unknown   WW2

4041  Gosport   V E Street party Place unknown   WW2  

4043  Gosport Hardway  Fisgard Road  Bomb damage at Fisgard Road   WW2

4044  Gosport Town Centre  High Street  Bomb damage to Market House, The Dive Café   WW2  

4045  Forton  Forton Road  Bomb damage next to St.Johns Church   WW2

4047  Gosport Town Centre  South Street Portland Place bomb damage     WW2

4048  Gosport Forton  Forton Road  Rescue Squad on stand-by at St. Vincent Barracks   WW2  

4049  Gosport   Bombed church Place unknown   WW2  

4050    Children celebrating V E Day.  

4051  Gosport Haslar  Haslar Road  German aerial photo of Gunboat Yard   WW2

4040  Gosport  South Street  Bomb damage to Magistrates Court   WW2

4056  Gosport   Posters encouraging women to join organisations     WW2

4057  Gosport   Bomb damage to Alexandria Cafe and Smith's Furniture Store     WW2

4074  Gosport  Bury Cross  R A F band outside War Memorial Hospital ?

4076  Alverstoke  Bury Hall Lane  Home Guard rifle practice at Bury Hall

4079    29th.(Gosport) Hants Home Guard, F Company  

4084  Gosport Forton  Forton Road  Bomb damage at Forton Road   WW2

4088  Gosport Town Centre  Church Path  Bomb damage at Church Path     WW2  Reversed

4089  Gosport Town Hall  Town Hall  National War Savings Posters outside Town Hall

4081    Ministry of Information Poster 'Careless Talk Costs Lives'     WW2

4086    M of I poster Is your journey really necessary'     WW2

4094  Gosport Haslar  Fort Blockhouse  Wren blacksmith at Fort Blockhouse   WW2  

4110  Gosport   WVS demonstrating how to make an emergency cooker     WW2

4111    Ration Book for food   WW2  

4115  Gosport Frater  R.N.A.D  Photo of Shell Section R N A D