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Image Library - Lee-on-the-Solent & Stokes Bay

5103  Gosport Stokes Bay  Fort Gilkicker  Drawing of Engineers Submarine Mine Laying   1879

2057  Stokes Bay  Stanley Park  Plan of proposed fort which was never built   1784

1024  Lee-on-the-Solent  The Pier  Pier under construction   1887  Postcard

1033  Stokes Bay  The Pier  View of Pier and train   1899

5111  Gosport Stokes Bay  Beach Street  Stokes Bay beach   c1900

1034  Lee-on-the-Solent  The Beach  People at leisure   1910

1099  Lee-on-the-Solent  Western Cliffs and beach  Camping on the beach   1910

1026  Lee-on- the-Solent  Pier Street  Looking towards the Sea   1910  Postcard

1094  Lee-on-the-Solent  Western Cliffs  Probably pre WW1, as little development.   1912  

1043  Lee-on-the-Solent  Pier Street  in the snow   1920  

1041  Lee-on-the-Solent  The Pier  View from beach   1925

1062  Lee-on-the-Solent  Beach and Pier  looking east   1930

1023  Lee-on -the-Solent  The Pier  View towards Pier Street   1930  

1036  Lee-on-the-Solent    Junction of Milvil Rd. & Marine Parade   1930  Postcard

1080  Lee-on-the-Solent  The old St. Faith's Church  The New Church occupies the same site   c1930

1085  Lee-on-the-Solent  The Green (now part of seafront)  A view of cliff tops with Pier hotel in background   1930

1101  Lee-on-the-Solent  Pier and town  View of pier street before tower complex   1930  

1102  Lee-on-the-Solent  Portsmouth Road  No.179 previously partly a shop   1930s

5024  Lee-on-the-Solent  Marine parade West Marine Parade West before Development  1930s

1105  Lee-on-the-Solent  East beach & pier    1930  

1092  Lee-on-the-Solent  Beach  Spectators watching last Schneider Trophy Air Rac     1931

1066  Lee-on-the-Solent  Tower and Ballroom from pier  Construction of the building   1935

1081  Lee-on-the-Solent  Tower and Ballroom  Tower complex shortly after completion   1936  

1029  Lee-on-the-Solent  HMS Ariel & Sea Front  Aerial view from seaward   1938  Aerial Photo

1057  Lee-on-the-Solent  High Street

1058  Lee-on-the-Solent  D Day Composite Pier  Under construction at Stokes Bay

1090  Lee-on-the-Solent  East beach  Sailing and beechactivities   1950  postcard

2015  Lee-on-the-Solent   Court Barn

1032  Stokes Bay  Railway Pier  Demolition of superstructure   1970

1051  Lee-on-the-Solent  Lee sea front  Eastern Sea Front   1985