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Gosport Town - 1900’s

1010  Gosport Town Centre  The Hard, Water Front  Chain Ferry Terminal  -  1900

5007  Gosport Forton  Forton Road  Men's Canteen RMLIForton Barracks   c1900

7070  Gosport Royal Clarence Yard  Weevil Lane  Queen Victoria's Station   1900

3027  Gosport Town Hall  Mumby Road Guard room of the New Barracks,later St George Bar   c1900  

1075  Portsmouth Harbour  Ferry landing at Gosport  HMS Victory and ferry terminal  -  1900  Postcard

5050  Gosport Forton  Forton Road Reading room & Privates Library, RMLI Forton Barracks  c1900

1047  Portsmouth Harbour   Holland 1 submarine  -  c1904

2010  Gosport Town Centre  Discovery Centre  Drill Hall, Upper South Street   1904  postcard

1017  Gosport Town Centre  The Hard, Water Front  The Hard  -  1905

5068  Gosport Town Centre  Spring Garden Lane  Fancy Dress Fete , Nicholson Gardens  U  1905

1011  Portsmouth Harbour  Gosport side  HMS Victory  -  1905  Commemorative Engraving

2049  Royal Yacht  Victoria & Albert  Queen Alexandra & Princess Victoria on board.   1906

2084  Gosport  Junction of Bury & Foster roads  Thatched Cottages   1906

2079  Gosport   Training at Fort Blockhouse   c1906

1007  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Terminal  Looking out of Harbour  -  1910  Postcard

1008  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Terminal  Looking over ferry terminal   - 1910

1019  Gosport   Early Automobile -  1910

1046  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Terminal  The Hard   - 1910

1042  Gosport Town Centre  Holy Trinity Church  Interior towards Altar   - 1910 1030  Gosport Town Centre  Harbour Row  View of Foreshore  - 1910  M.Snape drawing

1042  Gosport Town Centre  Holy Trinity Church  Interior towards Altar   1910

1030  Gosport Town Centre  Harbour Row  View of Foreshore   1910  M.Snape drawing

1087  Gosport Town Centre  Harbour Row  Ratsey and Lapthorn. Martin Snape painting   c1910

1076  Portsmouth Harbour  Ferry landing at Gosport  HMS Victory and ferry terminal   1910  photo

2060  Gosport Ewer Common  Park Road  The Park now called Gosport Park   1910  postcard

5089  Alverstoke  The Avenue  Alverstoke Tennis Ground  Lawerence  1910

1077  Spithead  Coronation Fleet Review  Coronation of King George V 24.06.1911   1911

1002  Gosport Town Centre  The Hard, Water Front  Wherryman & Ladies   1912

1038  Imaginary location   Painting depicting whole of British Navy   1912

1098  Portsmouth Harbour  Floating Bridge  Floating bridge with cruiser in background   1912

2047  Gosport Town Centre  The Hard  The Hard with HMS Victory   1912  postcard

1028  Portsmouth Harbour   Boom defence   1914

2069  Gosport Town Centre  Clarence Road South  Fire Brigade Station postcard   1915  Peter Rogers

1037  Portsmouth Harbour  Steam Ferry "Frances"  Liberty boat   1918

1053  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Terminal  Ferry Ticket Office   1918  Photo

1069  Gosport St. Georges Barracks  Childrens Peace parade    1918

2067  Gosport Town Centre   Walpole Park   c1920

3066    Petrol filling station   1920s

1009  Gosport Town Centre  The Hard, Water Front  John Jurd wherryman & boat   1920

2116  Gosport Town Centre  Stoke Road  Re slating Christ Church   1920  

1049  Portsmouth Harbour  Harbour Crossing  Floating Bridge   1920  

1020  Gosport Town Centre  Upper High Street  Flux's Laundry and Workers   1920

1055  Park Gate  His mother's shop  Frank Lodge driving delivery van   1920s

1056  Portsmouth   Eastmans Naval Academy   1920

2004  Gosport   Provincial Charabanc outing  J Collins c1920

1045  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Gardens  Approach to Ferry   1925  

2002  Gosport Town Centre  South Cross Street  Staff of Blake's Brewery on coach outing   c1925  J.C.Lawrence

1086  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Gardens & Terminal  A view over the gardens looking east   1925  

2118  Gosport Town Centre   Walpole Park postcard   1926  Peter Rogers

1040  Gosport  Forton / Parham road  Ivens, Kelletts & Childs Warehouse. Sundry Goods f   1927

1073  Gosport Town Centre  Fort Charles  On land now occupied by Campers shed    drawing

1065  Gosport  Forton / Parham Road  Ivens, Kelletts & Childs Yard & Van   c1927

1074  Gosport  Forton / Parham road  Ivens,Kellets&Childs. Sundry Goods floor   c1927

2035  Gosport Town Centre  High Street  Georgian houses 2-6   1930's

2080  Alverstoke  The Pump House Clayhall Road  School children National Children's Home ??   1930's

2109  Gosport Town Centre  South Street  Moat & Portland Place   1930's

2077  Gosport Town Centre  Town Hall  The Mayors Parlour   1933

1061  Gosport Town Centre  Camper Nicholsons  Launching of J class Endeavour   1934

2106  Gosport Town Centre  C & N  Launching of Endeavour   1934

1039  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Gardens & Terminal  View from harbour   1935

5014  Gospor Forton  Forton Road  HMS St Vincent sports  U c1936

2048  Gosport Town Centre  Portsmouth Harbour  HMS St Vincent & chain ferry

1067  Gosport Stokes Bay  Fort Gilikicker  View from West Bastion of Fort Monkton   1940  

1001  Gosport Town Centre  Habour Crossing  Kearney tube  Chalmers Kearney  1944 1022  HMS Dolphin  Fort Blockhouse, North Bastion  Aerial   1950

1096  Portsmouth Harbour  Ferry Landing at Portsmouth  Note Bikes on Ferry & Line into Naval Base   1950

1104  Gosport Town Centre  High Street    c 1950s

1015  Gosport Town Centre  St Mathews Square  View facing east   1952

1006  Gosport Town Centre  Harbour Tower  Laying Foundations   1959

5069  Gosport  Clarence Square  18th century house   1959

3047  Gosport Town Centre  Trinity Green  The Rectory and Stanley House    Before 1960

 1068  Spithead  Ferrying from ships at anchor  Fort Blockhouse in background    From painting

1050  Gosport Town Centre  Harbour Tower  Foundations. Showing piers for D Day embarcation   1959

2025  Gosport  Chapel Street Trinty Green  Terrace houses earlier than photo no.2014   1960's

2095  Gosport Town Centre  Trinity Green  Stanley House just before demolition   1960

2103  Gosport Town Centre  Trinity Green  Holy Trinity Church Tower   1960's

2100  Gosport Town Centre  Trinity Green  Cantilevered Balconies of Stanley House   1960

3001  Gosport  Clarence Square  Terrace demolished   c1960

2110  Gosport Town Centre   Holy Trinity Church   1960's

3021  Gosport High Street   Town Hall   1960's

5107  Gosport Forton  Forton Road  Aerial view of HMS St.Vincent   1960s

7017  Gosport Royal Clarence Yard  Weevil Lane  Bakery   1960s

1014  HMS Dolphin  Fort Blockhouse, North Bastion  HMS Victorious entering harbour   1962

1072  Portsmouth Harbour  TS Foudroyant  Boys training ship moored in harbour   1963

 5027  Alverstoke  Clayhall Road The Kickergill on Day of Demolition Built1669   1965

1016  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Gardens  View from tower blocks   1966

1018  Portsmouth Harbour  Portsmouth Ferry Terminal New Ferry, Portsmouth Queen & French Aircraft Car     1966

1070  Portsmouth Harbour  HMS Victorious  Leaving for scrapyard   1967

1060  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Gardens & Bus Station  Taken from Harbour Tower   1970

1082  Gosport Town Centre  Aerial view of town  Shows newly completed south relief road   1970  photo

1083  Gosport Town Centre  Holy Trinity Vicarage View facing east, with Seaward tower in backgroun     1970

1091  Spithead  Spitsbank (Spitsand) Fort  View looking north with harbour in background   1970

1095  Spithead  Horsesand Fort  Before private development   1970

1109  Gosport Bury Cross  Annes Hill road  The Wiltshire Lamb Pub   1970

2050  Gosport Town Centre  Mumby Road  C&N Electrical   1970's

3022  Gosport Town Centre   Aerial view of St. George Barracks   1972  Ports.News    

1027  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Gardens  Roundabout   1975

1044  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Terminal  New Bus Station   1975

5047  Gosport Royal Clarence Yard  Weevil Lane  North Meadow, Royal Clarence Yard   c1975

5046    Plaque for extension to commemorate Silver Jubilee  1978

3017  Gosport Rowner   Bastion No1 adjacent Holy Trinity. (aerial)   1979  Ports.News

5051  Gosport Royal Clarence Yard  Weevil Lane HQ The Maritime Detachment Royal Corps of Transp  c1980

5104  Gosport Cold Harbour  Mumby Road  Guard Room with cannons St.George Barracks   1980s

1012  Portsmouth Harbour   Impression of Coracle  P. Watson  1982  Crossing the Harbour

1093  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Gardens & Bus Station  Showing new ferry terminal but no Marina   1985

2112  Portsmouth Harbour   Arrival of HMS Warrior   1987   

1025  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Terminal  New Covered walk way   1990  

2062  Gosport Town Centre  Weevil Lane  St. George Barracks married quarters   1990'S

2042  Gosport  Ferry Terminal  Passengers leaving Ferry   1990's

5034  Gosport Forton  Forton Road Moving On Project Plaque St Vincent  1992