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Gosport Town - 1800’s

2006  Gosport Town Centre  Middle Street  Engraving of Old Market House   c1800

2089  Gosport Rowner  Little Woodham Lane  Thatched Pub 17th Century Village

5015  Gosport   Map of Gosport drawn by Francis Owen, Naval Offic     1801

2008    Portrait of Master William Betty as Hamlet   1804  

1004  HMS Dolphin  Fort Blockhouse  Sailing through entrance -  1810

1048  Portsmouth Harbour  The Grand Naval Review Last occasion on which only sailing vessels took part -   1814

2114  Portsmouth Harbour  Portsmouth Harbour  Naval Review   1814

1013  Portsmouth Harbour  Gosport side  HMS Victory -  1820  Painting

1054  Portsmouth Harbour  Old Portsmouth  Boats and Harbour  -  1820  Print of painting

2021   From Blockhouse Point  Harbour view of Portsmouth   c1820  painting

2038  Portsmouth  Harbour entrance  Fort Blockhouse painting by George Chambers   c1820  PCM

2098  Gosport Town Centre  Trinity Green  Gosport Chapel. now Holy Trinity Church   1831

1064  Gosport  Fort Monckton  Fleet Review -   1856

2086  Gosport Town Centre  Mumby Road  Ferry Tavern: possibly the oldest photo of Gosport   1856

1071  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Terminal  Floating Bridge and Harbour -   1860

2081  Gosport Town Centre  44 South Steet  Ragged Day & Sunday School   c1860  Bethel Mission

1021  Gosport Forton  Forton Area  Water delivery cart (Tun) -   c1860

1103  Gosport Town Centre  Floating Bridge  Viewing The Grand Fleet from floating bridge   1862  

1052  Gosport Town Centre  Beach Street  Street with boat yard behind  - 1870  Print of painting

1084  Spithead  Ships being manoeuvred  Drawing of boats and ship being worked - 1870

2105  Gosport Town Centre  Beach Street  Sailors Resort & Workmans Hall   c1875  Bethel Mission

1031  Gosport   Watermen  -   1880

2019  Gosport Town Centre  South Street  Bethel Mission & Girls' Ragged School   c1880  Bethel Mission

1108  Portsmouth Harbour  Overlooking Gosport  Painting of Gosport from the harbour   c1880

1107  Portsmouth Harbour  HMS Victory and Gosport  HMS Victory with Gosport in the Background   c1880

3043  Gosport Town Centre  High Street  High Street under snow   1881  

2027    'Mystery'. A schooner of 54 tons   c1887  Bethel Mission

1063  Gosport Town Centre  Ferry Terminal  Floating Bridge and Harbour  -  1890

1078  Portsmouth Harbour  Early photo of ships crew  HMS Gannet and her ships company  -  1894

2012  Gosport  Haslar Road  Haslar Gate from outside. William H Snape   1896  Painting

7016  Gosport Royal Clarence Yard  Weevil Lane  Royal Engineers C.O. House   c1896

7012  Gosport Royal Clarence Yard  Weevil Lane  Main Gate -exterior   c1896

7009  Gosport Royal Clarence Yard  Weevil Lane  Superintendents House and gate house   c1896

7045  Gosport Royal Clarence Yard  Weevil Lane  Abottoir   c1896

7102  Gosport Royal Clarence Yard  Weevil Lane  Cocoa Bean Roasters   c1896

7063  Gosport Royal Clarence Yard  Weevil Lane  Biscuit Bakery   C1896

7068  Gosport Royal Clarence Yard  Weevil Lane  Salt Meat Store   c1896

1035  Spithead  Fleet Review  Queen Victoria, diamond jubilee  -  1897  Engraving

2003  Gosport Town Centre  Mumby Road  Carousel on The Green   1898  

2094  France  Deauville  French Mission House. Bethel Mission Collection   c1899