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50 Years Promoting Heritage in Gosport

1970 to 2020

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Short Walks with a Difference : Urban Trails from The Gosport Society

The Gosport Society has published a series of four illustrated booklets outlining short walks in the Borough of Gosport. The titles give  clues to the quirky outlook of the booklets. In The Gosport Town Trail facts and history combine in an intriguing ramble along Gosport’s streets and byways. Curious Encounters in Gosport Parks and Gardens takes in the unique plant and animal life and monuments tucked away in parks and green spaces. Putting People in Their Places recounts the fascinating life stories of six men and six women who left a mark in Gosport in the arts, commerce, social service, religion and music; and the buildings and places associated with their activities. The fourth and final booklet, Naval Gazing in Gosport, parcels out the 18 miles or so of Gosport’s waterfront into sections that all have unique maritime stories to tell often bound up with the Royal Navy and the Defence of the Realm.

Popular with visitors and local alike, the booklets come in handy pocket size, complete with original colour photographs, and a locations map on the inside front cover. They make a great small, inexpensive gift and stocking filler. You can follow the walks according to the suggestions given; or you can do them at leisure in bits and bobs on days and at times of your choosing. Many of the walks are child-friendly. Cafes, shops, pubs and bus stops are never far away. Do some or all of these walks and The Gosport Society believes that you will gain a new insight into what makes this 800 year old borough tick!

Available at a nominal price of between £0.75 and £1.50 per copy from : The Gosport Tourist Information Centre next to the ferry terminal; Waterstones bookshop in Fareham; the Pump House Café in Royal Clarence Yard; The Discovery Centre in Gosport High Street; the Lee on Solent Bookshop or direct from The Gosport Society.

Contact the latter via E mailing the Marketing Manager  stating your enquiry or needs

Priced between £0.75 and £1.50 each

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The synoptic history of, and handbook to The Gosport Society


1. The Gosport Society 1970-2020.The First Fifty Years. Introductory Remarks.

2. What is The Gosport Society?

3. Origins and Development 1970-2020.

4. Spreading the Words : The Gosport Society as a Successful Regional Publisher.

5. Indicative and varied Society Achievements.

6. Re-imagining Gosport for the Next Fifty Years.

7. 800 Years.

8. Reference Documents

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