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5008  Alverstoke  Anglesey Road St.Marys Church Old Rectory    1800s

5073  Alverstoke  The Avenue  The Avenue from Bury Cross   1800s

2101  Alverstoke  Stokes Bay  Proposed Houses at Angleseyville   1816

2044  Alverstoke  now Bay House school  Ashburton House - Naval College   1862  painting

5086  Alverstoke  The Avenue  St. Mary's Church before roof raised   1867

5106  Alverstoke  Green Lane  Old Scholars Orchestra Alverstoke School   1880s

5085  Alverstoke  Monkton House Depiction of battle at Crete Capital   1898

5029  Alverstoke  Anglesey Road St Mary's Church before tower built  c1900

5101  Alverstoke  Anglesey Road St. Marys Church from Village crossroads   c1900

2017  Alverstoke  Green Lane  Green Lane from Bury Cross. Kings Bottom Pond   1900  Gosport Museum 2017

5067  Alverstoke  Church Road  Village Square   c1905

5114  Alverstoke  Village Road  17th Centuary Thatched Cottages   1905

2065  Alverstoke  Green Lane  Cottages and haystack postcard   1906  Peter Rogers

5003  Alverstoke  Church Road  The square and The Five Bells Public House   1910

5062  Alverstoke  The Avenue  Alverstoke Tennis Ground Lawrence   1910

5082  Alverstoke  The Avenue  The Avenue, Redclyffe House   1930

5004  Alverstoke  Church Road  The square

2007  Alverstoke  Gomer Lane  Bay House section of Gosport Grammar School   1950's

5120  Alverstoke  Bury Hall lane  Bury Hall   1950s

2036  Alverstoke  Privet Road  Fire Station

2024  Alverstoke   Stanley Park   

2026  Alverstoke  Stokes Bay  Remnants of railway pier legs

2016  Alverstoke  Stanley Park  Gardens/Park   1960's

5119  Alverstoke  Village Square  17th Centuary Thatched Cottage, partly derelict   1970s

5117  Alverstoke  Village Square 17th Centuary Thatched Cottage before restoration  c1980  

1088  Alverstoke  St. Marys Stokehurst Old rectory  Vicarage was once a merchants house   1985

2107  Alverstoke  Anglesey Road  Entrance to Stokehurst   1990's

2023  Alverstoke  Anglesey Road  The Little Church now Miracles showing Plaque  

2061  Alverstoke  Stokes Bay  Gun emplacement in Fort Gilkicker  

2059  Gosport Alverstoke  Crescent Hotel  

2056  Alverstoke  Stokes Bay Common  Cows grazing in front of The Crescent    

2099  Alverstoke  Gomer Lane  Entrance to Grammar School

3006  Alverstoke  Clayhall Road  National Childrens Home

2120  Alverstoke  Stokes Bay  Stokes Bay Pier & Railway Station

5022  Alverstoke  Village Road  The Village Gourmet    

5023  Alverstoke  Anglesey Road  Stokehurst, Old Rectory

5017  Alverstoke  Park Road  The Park Hotel    

5018  Alverstoke  Anglesey Road  The Little Church      reversed

5019  Alverstoke  Fort Road  Fort Monckton SW Bastion

5058  Alverstoke  Bay House  Bay House under repair  

5060  Alverstoke  Village Road  Village Antiques  

5083  Alverstoke  The Avenue  No. 110 Bury Farm House  U  

5084  Alverstoke  Clayhall Road  National Childrens Home

5080  Alverstoke  Clayhall Road  National Childrens' Home    

5081  Alverstoke  The Avenue  The Avenue

5092  Alverstoke  Village Road  Village Home & Thatchers    

5093  Alverstoke  Church Road  Village Square   

 5100  Alverstoke   Village Square , Alms Houses  

5109  Alverstoke  Church Road  Alverstoke Bakery

5112  Alverstoke  Anglesey Road  Stokehurst, Old Rectory