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Gosport Planning Applications January 2017



The Society has received 13 notices of consultation from GBC Planning Department since 8 November 2016. Also one notice of appeal which has been referred to the Secretary of State.

Full list attached.



This application was resubmitted without the additional residential units.

Gosport Society Response: Welcome the removal of the residential units.

Subsequent information: Interesting to note that last week Historic England has objected on the grounds that they feel their previous objections to the style, scale and height of the proposed façade of the building is out of keeping with the High St.

On the Agenda for decision at the Regulatory Board 18 January 2017: Recommended for approval subject to conditions


Discharge of Conditions:

We are looking at a raft of documents across four separate reference numbers relating the developer’s request to have various conditions to the original consent. The details of conditions which may be of interest to the Society include: Lighting; Drainage, parking etc.

Haslar Waterfront layout:

The proposal to return the Haslar Waterfront Promenade to an area of public access looks attractive. It includes provision for history interpretation boards and makes visual reference to the railway line which used to run along the front. They say that if any of the original rails are still present, they will aim to expose these.

Gosport Society Response: No objection. Comments re style of lighting and support to have the former rail line visible.

Subsequent information: Interesting to note that the Environment Agency has raised serious objections to the proposed flood defences. We may need to keep an eye on this in case subsequent proposals affect our decision.


This is the land between Fort Brockhurst and Heritage Way which is proposed as a retail park with onsite parking including a drive-thru Macdonalds, a Costa coffee and an M&S Food store. Also a football pitch.

The previous proposal included a number of residential properties. That element has been withdrawn and this is now purely retail. Views both two and from Fort Brockhurst are to be opened up and improved. However, the developer has proposed to move 9 of the remaining concrete tank-trap cubes from the area they plan to use for car parking.

Gosport Society Response: Welcome the removal of housing and the improved views to and from the fort. We object to the removal of the 9 tank-traps.



The developer (Berkeley Homes) has appealed the GBC decision to refuse an application for a change of use for the Slaughter House from A1 (restaurant/retail) to D1 allow it to be sold to the Gosport Waterfront Baptist Church. The Regulatory Board argued that insufficient marketing had been undertaken to allow the developer to make a case that there was no commercial interest in the building. Also that insufficient weight had been given to the imminent opening up of the retained land.

Gosport Society Response: No objection in principle to a change of use. We would like to ensure that many of the original features are retained and visible. Also expressed support for GBC’s vision for RCY as a whole.


Notes on any of the more important applications considered by the Regulatory Board. Uncontroversial decisions are often decided by the Planning Department under their delegated powers. Those are not recorded here unless the decision was notable for another reason.

133 Lee High Street- Replacement windows. Gosport Society did not object but permission was refused. Planning officer’s reasons were: the building retains many original features and ‘…has historic importance in terms of the historic narrative of the Conservation Area…’and that the proposal to replace the timber frames with plastic frames ‘…would have a harmful impact on the character and appearance of the building…’

19 October 2016 Regulatory Board

Fighting Cocks, Clayhall Road: Play Equipment and rear extension. Both approved

7 December 2016 Regulatory Board

Bakery (Royal Clarence Yard): External furniture. Gosport Society objected to the design. Decision deferred to allow negotiations to take place to reduce the number and scale of the furniture. We are expecting revised proposals to go back to the Regulatory Board in March.

33 Marine Parade, Lee On Solent: Demolition of a two storey building; replacement with a four storey building. Objection from Lee Residents Association on the grounds that it would damage the Marine Parade Area of Special Character. Permission granted with conditions.

Fort Gilkicker: Variation of conditions (time allowed, staircases and other details); Gosport Society had no objections: Permission granted with conditions

7a Stoke Road: Part demolition of existing building: construction of 7 flats and 2 shops. No comment from Gosport Society: Permission granted with conditions.

18 January 2017 Regulatory Board Agenda

Gosport High Street Hotel: see above (recommended for approval subject to conditions)

Cordite Building No 2, Britannia Way: External Alterations and roof extension: No comment from Gosport Society (recommended for refusal – mostly due to the impact on the SINC).

Philippa Dickinson